About Us

About Us

About Ishan Children and Women’s Hospital

Ishan Bal tatha Mahila Aspatal (P) Ltd. (Ishan Children and Women Hospital) is one amongst the old hospitals in providing pediatric health related services in Nepal.

Ishan hospital & women’s hospital is the first private pediatric hospital of its kind. This hospital has been giving best quality services with sincerity and dedication for the last 24 years. Additional of maternity services was further extended to other specializations for the benefit of patients to get best quality treatment in their busy, hectic and stressful life under one roof. Adult services are also available. This hospital is a 25 bedded hospital with a well efficient staff and emergency services managed by competent, dedicated consultants, registrars and medical officers. 100 beds are planned in the new building. We have 47 highly qualified consultants from different specialties who cater to the needs of the patient. It has OPD, In-patient, Operation Theater, Post-operative wards, intensive care unit(PICU,NICU) , Emergency Room , Immunization clinic, Mother care room and reception. 24 hours pharmacy, ambulance services and canteen services are also available for the patients and patient party.

The hospital lies at the Ring road, Basundhara Chowk in a 5-storey rented building with sophisticated medical departments/wards. Limited parking area is also available in front of the building. As the hospital is located in the midst of the Ring-road, it is easily accessible from any part of valley; both inside & outside. The records reveal that the patients have come from almost all parts of Nepal.

The guiding principal of this hospital from the very beginning is to provide affordable quality care with the best available equipment level without becoming a commercial venture. From ordinary but adequate start the hospital have gradually built to provide the best operative unit possible and is equipped with an ICU of highest quality.


about us



Dr. Narayan Bahadur Thapa, along with a few colleagues (Dr. Ananta Dutta Shrestha, Dr. Dhana Raj Aryal, Dr. Jyoti Ratna Dhakwa and Dr. Krihsna Prasad Devkota), in 2051 (B.S.), felt that there was a need for a children’s hospital in the private sector as the government facilities available then were not coping with the enormous patient load. It was realized that patients should get urgent care when they needed it and not when a bed became available. With this idea a humble beginning was made to start a 15 bedded Ishan Children’s Nursing Home.

This hospital was first of its kind in the pediatric field and started with the motto of providing  12  hour  outdoor  and  24  hour  emergency  and  indoor  facility.  In  the intervening years the hospital has increased the bed capacity to 25 and has moved to the present site at Basundhara Chowk, Kathmandu.

Currently the hospital is governed by Company Act 2063 and is under supervision of Department of Health of the country. The hospital has amended its objective clause of MOA for extending its services from pediatric field to the services in the field of child and  maternal  care  including  other  general  human  health  services.  The  name  was changed  to  Ishan  Bal  tatha Mahila Aspatal  Pvt.  Ltd.  with  effect  from  2068/11/29 thereby aiming to push the bed capacity to 75.



Philosophy,Vision And Mission


Ishan children and women’s hospital is committed to make available clinical excellence without any compromise through the combination of advance technologies and specialties to serve specifically children and women to provide timeless and cost-effective. This hospital honours and protects universal rights and value of patients with high dignity.


To establish Ishan Children and women hospital as a reputed and reliable hospital fro children and women solving all he health problem related with them.


Ishan children and women hospital’s mission is to provide affordable, reliable, sustainable and quality health services for children and women since 1996.


Administration Team.

IT officer

Santosh Khanal


Hospital Director

Prof.Dr.Ramnandan P.Chaudhary



Dilu Gurung


Chief Administrative

Pratik Rai


Senior Admin Officers

Gitanjali Shrestha


Message from Chairman (Dr. Narayan bahadur Thapa)

(Board of Directors)

Firstly, I thank everyone. I love each and every one who has worked for Ishan, the founder Promoters were never accorded any special status, but took on the liabilities of a bank loan. Child specialists joined form the beginning enduring all the trials & tribulations for a new venture. The ward attendant slept in doing 24hrs shift. Then, there was the anesthetist who paid for his shares in a halothane vaporizer becoming the highest shareholder after the promoters. Others specialties –Radiology, Eye/ENT followed, later the Obstetricians came in with a big impact, Turing the hospital to a child and maternity specialist center. The pathologist took ISHAN through thick and thin. The biggest impact came with a young pediatric surgeon under the `Mentor ship’ of the chairman. This young energetic surgeon after contributing in every aspect is the new hospital Director (HD) on whose leadership depends the completion of the hospital building. Everyone should rally behind him as I have often pointed out, the true mark of leadership is taking everyone along. The huge story of the Ishan Building project is fresh in every memory: How we bought the land & now the building itself. I need not elaborate how the management committee shepherded the effort through difficult times. New concept of various subcommittees is an excellent one-only condition is they should help the HD in his onerous duty to take everyone along. “Best of luck”. The Chairman is with you.




Message from Director

(Board of Directors)

A warm welcome from Nepal’s first private Children & Women’s hospital of the country!

With this hospital coming closer to nearly 25 years of service our new hospital building is under-construction. What makes us happy every day is that our doctors and staffs have passion for their work and have a true desire to provide best health care and hospitality to our patients. We have a highly qualified and dedicated team of Medical, Technical & Administrative staff. The Consultants in various departments are highly skilled with academic degrees which are highest in the country. We have an excellent multidisciplinary team with expertise in diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention.

It’s our vision that children (newborns to adolescents) ,women and all the other patients will get the best affordable care. Our mission is to deliver patient-centered care to enhance patient’s satisfaction. This will contribute to health and well being to every patient through integrated clinical practice. Our primary value is PATIENT FIRST. We strive to deliver the best to each individual patient every day. Constant monitoring is done to improve the services of the Hospital .Thus we are striving for best quality care with standard which is of national and international accreditation.

Wishing you good health at all times.


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